Portion Control – Day 2

Today’s eats were healthy and completely under control.  First I measured out exact 1/2 cup of both corn chex and rice chex along with a yogurt and some berries.  For lunch, I made this wrap.


This was a gluten free brown rice wrap from Trader Joe’s topped with a little sun-dried tomato and basil hummus, a small crumbling of goat cheese, one small sliced beat, some raw mushrooms, a few leftover asparagus spears from last night’s dinner, and spinach leaves.  Of course being that the wrap is gluten free and i couldn’t heat it right before I made the wrap and ate it, the wrap crumbled.  So I mad a few mini wraps out of the crumblings.  It was really yummy.  I forget how much I like vegetable wraps.  On the side I had some sliced cucumber and orange pepper and a pluot (different type of plum).

My afternoon snack that I did not photograph was an apple with barney butter.  That really helped my afternoon fly by and gave me great energy for my run.  I ran a completely different route today, and that is always fun.  It was about 50 minutes, so I assume maybe 4.5 miles.

Dinner was a new concoction for me.  My husband told me before grocery shopping that he didn’t want any new concoctions this week.  I didn’t listen completely, and he loved it.  I used these, which I’ve never bought before.


All of the chicken sausage flavors are so good.  This one really made this new dish.  I sliced the sausages in half and baked them for about 20 minutes.  I also sliced red pepper and zucchini and roasted it along with the sausage.  Once it was all done, I took it out and used these cute mini loaf pans my aunt used for favors for my cousin’s wedding and layered the sausage, zucchini, red pepper, some raw mushroom, and tomato sauce.  I added a little mozzarella cheese on mine, but the husband didn’t want cheese, so I left his off.  Here is the finished product.


On the side we served roasted broccoli and quinoa.  I wanted to have quinoa for lunch later in the week, so this meal was good with a little bit of it.  We really didn’t eat too much brocoli since the little casseroles were full of veggies themselves.

Now on to Day 3.

How do you handle portion control?


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  1. Lissa

    That wrap looks so good, i could make that!

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