Running Recap










This was the first race I’ve done, where I didn’t have anyone taking photos for me.  So I did the best I could before the race to get a little bit of the action.  Mike took this picture of me before I left the apartment.  Once I arrived at the race, I went over to get my race number, t-shirt, goody bag, and leave my bag.  Here’s some of the festivities.  Bob Harper was there leading everyone in a pre-run stretch session.  That’s pretty cool I think.  Here’s a look.















Right before the race began, I met up with a few running friends, so we could run the race together.  The start of the race was really hard for me because there were so many people in front of us who were really slow.  We had to do a lot of dodging before finding a space that we could run easily.  Due to the fact that I have not been running as much as I was when training for my half marathon, I really was unsure of how well I was going to do.  I have to say I have run many loops in Central Park in all different directions.  There are a lot of hills and the way that you approach them can make or break a race.  So many people were walking the hills.  Hill training is so important when running in an area where there are a lot of hills.  My first mile was pretty slow, and I felt myself speed up for mile 2 towards the beginning.  I then slowed down a bit between 2.5 and about 1/4 a mile into the third mile.  Once I got to the halfway point of mile 3 I was really tiring out, but pushed as hard as I could to get to the end.  My time was 42:04.  This beat my last 4 mile race time by 32 seconds.  That’s pretty good I would say…especially since my first 4 mile run I felt like I ran as best as I could.  That definitely shows that I’m getting better even if I’m not running as much as I was before. 

The only downfall of my race was that my feet were really hurting me the entire rest of the day.  My plantar fasciitis needs to just miraculously go away.  Anyone have any good recommendations for getting rid of that pain?  I’ve tried physical therapy, a night splint, an over the counter shoe insert that my doctor recommended, and stretching.  I ice my foot very often, and really have gotten no relief from anything. 

Overall the Mind, Body, Fitness Games were great.  I really enjoyed running with all women, and running for a good reason; making fitness a priority.


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