Fig and Olive – Gluten Free and Healthy Dinner in NYC








DSC01291Before my husband and I started dating, he had a group of friends who would go out once a month in NYC to a different restaurant.  It’s a really cool idea I think, and I’ve been lucky enough to go out with them to some of the places.  I had to pick something up from my office on the way to dinner, so Mike and I decided to drive in.  Everytime we drive into the city, I can’t help but stare at the skyline.  That is where the above pictures came from. 

Last night one of the girls in the group picked Fig and Olive










There are several locations in the city, but we visited the one in the Meatpacking District.  For those of you not familiar with New York City, this is a very trendy area where a lot of bars and clubs have opened over the recent years.  A long time ago there were actually meat packing plants in this part of the city, but we aren’t sure if there are any that still exist there today.

I was excited for this restaurant choice because I knew there would be options on the menu for me.  As soon as we walked in and were seated the waiter came over and I mentioned my gluten allergy.  He told me there were so many things on the menu that were naturally gluten free, and they always alert the chef when someone with an allergy orders so they can make sure they have a good experience.

For starters, I ordered a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.  DSC01297







This was not my favorite wine I’ve ever had, but it was pretty good and I enjoyed it.  A friend of mine had visited the restaurant before, and told me that the zucchini carpaccio was delicious.  You know my love for zucchini, so that was my appetizer.

DSC01299This was thinly sliced zucchini topped with olive oil, pepper, pine nuts, parmesan cheese, and I believe lemon juice as well.  It was very good, and a lot of zucchini.






For my main entree, I ordered the branzino.  Branzino is a type of fish.  DSC01300It was served topped with balsamic vinegar and figs.  It also came with snap peas.  I thought that snap peas were an odd combination for the fish, but I like any kind of vegetable so I thought it was good.  The figs with the fish were great too.  I’ve never had cooked figs, and I really enjoyed my dish.






For the final part of the evening, I got dessert.  It is very rare that I go out to a restaurant and order like this, but there was something on the dessert menu that struck me and I wanted to try it.  I am really glad I did.  This was called berries and cream.DSC01304 

It was a giant bowl of strawberries and rasberries that were soaked in balsamic vinegar and it was then topped with marscapone flavored gelato.  It was delicious, and different from any other dessert I’ve had before. 


I would rate this meal pretty high considering their knowledge of celiac disease and that I had a healthy and great meal.



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2 responses to “Fig and Olive – Gluten Free and Healthy Dinner in NYC

  1. Diana

    My boyfriend and I are planning to visit this restaurant (the one on 5th). Do you know which other dishes are definitely gluten-free?

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