Gluten Free Makes Oprah

It always excites me when I see an article on anything gluten free in the world.  It was a shock when a co-worker told me she got an e-mail this morning from about gluten free diets whether due to gluten intolerance or celiac disease.  The article is written by Daphne Oz, the daughter of Dr. Mehmet Oz.  The only slightly false information in the article is that Kasha is not gluten free while buckwheat is.  Most kasha is made from buckwheat, and is therefore gluten free.  Check out the article here.  It’s really great that this article is on Oprah.

Also, I just wanted to let you know about a great salad dressing I used on my salad at lunch today.  I actually wouldn’t have bought salad dressing if it wasn’t for a ziplock bag mishap with the homemade dressing I prepared this morning.  In some ways I’m very happy my original dressing had to be thrown away because I got to try this bit of deliciousness.Dressing  This dressing is made by Maple Grove Farms of Vermont and is naturally gluten free and very low in calories.  The one I tried was strawberry balsamic.  It has 25 calories per 2tbsp. serving.  A co-worker who is not celiac also tried the maple fig and said it was also delicious.  I think I may have to bring salad more often just to eat this dressing.


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