Sorry…No Pictures Tonight…But Still a Good Post

Sorry everyone.  Unfortunately, I went to take pictures of my dinner and my new bathing suits, but my camera just died.  I guess I’ll have to charge it, and I can show you my bathing suits in another post once my camera is back up and running. 

I got very excited with my dinner tonight.  We have a local “fast” food restaurant called Ripe.  Before I became gluten free, I used to love eating there.  They have salads, wraps, breakfast, soups, smoothies, and lots of other healthy food items.  This restaurant delivers, and Mike and I often order from there when I just can’t cook.  Right after finding out that I had Celiac Disease, we had no food in the house, it was late, and we needed to eat dinner.  So I knew I could get away with a salad from Ripe, but wasn’t sure about anything else.  When I called to place the order, the owner answered and was able to answer all of my questions.  I was so new to celiac at that point, I wasn’t sure what dressings I could have.  The owner told me their dressing is Kraft, which I have come to learn is usually ok depending on the dressing, but he said he felt better just giving me oil and vinegar.  From that day on, I ask a lot of questions when I eat there and have learned a lot about their menu and how they prepare their foods.  Tonight, I ordered one of their wraps in a bowl, which means that they top brown rice with all the ingredients from the wrap.  It was super yummy.  My bowl contained grilled chicken, portabello mushrooms, roasted peppers, lite mozzarella cheese, and lettuce.  I sprinkled some hot sauce on top.  It was so good, and I’m happy to be able to add to my food choices there. 

Before going to pick up dinner, I went bathing suit shopping in Manhattan.  My first anniversary is coming up on Monday, so Mike and I will be going on a cruise in a few weeks.  Bathing suit shopping is definitely not the most fun, and I decided that the most flattering bathing suit on me is a one piece.  I don’t feel comfortable enough at this time to wear a bikini, and tankini’s are either skin tight or they make you look pregnant.  There is no inbetween.  I think I will feel very comfortable in the new suits.  I’ll have to show you in an upcoming post. 

For now, I’m going to relax and enjoy the rest of my evening.  It’s been a long week, and I’m going to be having a very busy day tomorrow…more shopping and a surprise party at night.


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