Surprise Birthday Party

So far today, the husband and I have made breakfast gone grocery shopping to both Trader Joe’s and Stop and Shop and made lunch.  So far it’s been pretty productive.  Tonight, I’ll be cheering on Mike’s hockey team, which I will do if the games are at a reasonable time of day.  Sometimes he plays really late at night. 

Yesterday, I spent most of the day shopping and running around.  Then we had to get ready for my mother-in-law’s surprise birthday party.  My father-in-law planned the party at a greek restaurant near their house in Long Island.  I had been to this restaurant one other time, and had enjoyed my meal. 

Here’s the dress I wore, that I purchased yesterday at TJ Maxx at a really great price.  Mike told me I looked like a cocktail waitress, but I liked it and got compliments all night.DSC01633  Here’s Mike and I together before leaving.  This was a self portrait of course, and it’s one of the best pictures we’ve taken recently.DSC01634  When we arrived at the restaurant, several of my in-laws friends were already there.  We chatted with them for a bit before leaving with two of the couples to wait for Mike’s parents in the front of the restaurant.  The plan was that we were meeting Mike’s parents and two other couples for dinner.  It was classic when Mike’s mom walked into the restaurant to bring me water shoes, and to bring him his mail.  Once we got to the back of the restaurant where the party was taking place, my mother-in-law had no idea what was going on.  She was so surprised.  My husband’s family is really good at pulling off surprise parties, that’s for sure.  Here are my mother and father in-law.DSC01649  My mother-in-law has some really nice friends.  One of them made this great sign-in board for people to sign.DSC01635  This had some really great photos on it.

My father-in-law was very thoughtful and went to Fairway, a local grocery store here, and bought a variety of gluten free foods for me and another celiac who was attending the party.DSC01637


This was great because one of the appetizers they served was hummus.  So I happily took some hummus and dipped the shar breadsticks into it.  I had never had these breadsticks and they were very good.  After appetizers, many of which I could not eat, they served greek salads.  The waitress actually remembered me from the last time we had dined there when I ordered a greek salad for my meal.  She reminded me that the dressing is gluten free and wanted to make sure the cheese was ok.  DSC01641For my main course I ordered the salmon.  There were no seasonings on the salmon and the rice was only cooked with butter.  The salmon was just okay, but there was definitely an abundance of food for me to eat so it was just fine with me.DSC01644  I also took a picture of Mike’s filet kebab.  He said it was great.DSC01646

For dessert, my father-in-law had bought three cakes from a local bakery along with some gluten free treats.  One of the cakes was for another woman’s birthday who celebrated her birthday the same day as my mother-in-law.  The second cake, which was carrot cake, was to celebrate mine and Mike’s first anniversary.  This was not gluten free.  The third cake was to celebrate my mother-in-law’s birthday.  Here’s a picture of our cake…unfortunately I couldn’t take all the cakes because the waiters took them away too fast in order to serve them.DSC01654  I heard this cake was very good.  Here is the dessert that I had.DSC01659DSC01657DSC01658

The glutino chocolate covered wafers were great.  These cookies were just ok.  If you’ve ever had passover cookies, these tasted very similar.  I would eat them if I needed something sweet and didn’t have anything else around, but I would not go and buy them for myself.

This was a great party, and my mother-in-law had a great time.  Her brother, who lives in Florida now, even came up and surprised both my mother-in-law and her mother.


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