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Great Grains

Being gluten free has allowed me the opportunity to try many new grains I probably never would have tried before.  The great thing about these grains is that everyone should be including hem in their diets, not just people following a gluten free diet.  Amaranth is one of these great grains.  Amaranth can be used in breads, made as a hot cereal, or used as a replacement for rice.  It comes in both a flour form and the actual grain.  Here is the package I purchased from Whole Foods.










And this is what the grain actually looks like.








They are kind of like little tiny balls.  Now, I’ve tried to make amaranth before, and it did not turn out well.  Tonight, I mixed amaranth with brown and white rice.  Also, instead of using water, I used chicken stock at a base.  This made the amaranth taste amazing.  I really liked the texture and flavor of this mix.  I will definitely try to make amaranth alone again. 

Here are some reasons to choose amaranth:

  • Very high protein content
  • Very high iron content (This was the reason for me that I started buying Amaranth)
  • To compare…white rice has 1.5 milligrams of iron/cup; brown rice has 3.5 milligrams/cup; amaranth has 15 milligrams/cup
  • High Calcium content
  • High Magnesium

I hope I’ve convinced you to try some new grains in your meals.  I will definitely be experimenting more with amaranth and other grains.  Keep an eye out for more on this topic.

Along with my new grain combination, we had a shrimp stir fry for dinner tonight.  Stir fry is such an easy and delicious meal.  When I was single, I made stir fry almost every night it seemed.  Now, I definitely don’t make it enough.

Here’s our stir fry tonight.








This included:

  • frozen cooked shrimp
  • baby corn
  • snow pea pods
  • mini peppers
  • onion
  • broccoli florets
  • portabello mushrooms
  • a can of water chestnuts

The sauce contained:

  • gluten free soy sauce
  • ginger powder
  • garlic powder
  • basil
  • honey
  • and Siracha (picture below; it is very spicy and adds great flavor; you can buy this at most grocery stores in the asian foods section)










Such a great evening!


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