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The Return of Chinese Food

In my life before Mike and I lived together, I lived in Manhattan.  I worked very late hours, went to the gym and would get home pretty late.  Being that it is NYC, you can pretty much order anything you want any time of the day and it will be delivered right to your door.  Since I used to get home so late, and it was just me, I often ate chinese food for dinner.  I almost always would order steamed shrimp or tofu with mixed vegetables and sauce on the side with brown rice.  I did this probably at least once a week if not more.  When I did cook, I would make stir fried vegetables and tofu in my apartment.  I obviously really liked stir fries and asian food of many kinds. 

Now fast forward about three years and I live in Queens.  Mike and I still ordered Chinese food for delivery about once a month and my entree of choice was usually the same as before, but I wasn’t making as much stir fry at home anymore.  Mike actually hates tofu.  Well I think I got sick of it earlier this year and we had ordered in a while.  Then the news came that I had Celiac Disease.  The chinese delivery really went out the window at that point.  Instead, I would order certain things from the local Thai restaurant or sushi that I knew did not have soy sauce in them.  There are actually many dishes within Thai food that are naturally gluten free.

Over the last few months, I ate at PF Changs twice, but I never put PF Changs in the same category as the neighborhood delivery Chinese food.  Well tonight, Mike and I couldn’t decide what we wanted and I had been shopping at Bloomingdales on the Upper East Side.  As I was walking to the subway and talking to Mike about our dinner tonight, I happened to pass Lilli and Loo.  This restaurant is a little nicer than the average delivery chinese restaurant, but it still has quick food for takeout as I learned tonight, and they have a pretty extensive Gluten Free menu.  This was the first time in over 6 months that I feel like I really had chinese food. 

Our choices for the evening were definitely not the same as the choices I would have made previously when ordering Chinese food, but these were really tasty and I will definitely be going back.

We ordered Tom Yum Seafood soup.DSC01589  The soup picture is not that good, but it included shrimp, scallops, okra, and mushrooms in a spicy broth.  I did not love this soup, but did love the rest of the meal.  Mike wanted General Tso’s chicken so we ordered the gluten free version which was very good.  I don’t remember the last time I had even tried regular general tso’s chicken, but this had really good flavor and was actually made from real chicken as opposed to some restaurants that I’ve seen the chicken look like it had been ground or something.DSC01585  We also decided to order noodles to go along with this.  We ordered the Oriental Noodles, which were thin rice noodles, with shrimp, chicken, spices, and egg.  They were pretty good, and not oily at all.DSC01588  We also ordered the fresh saigon rolls, which I unfortunately forgot to take a picture of.  These included a rice paper wrap stuffed with cucumber, mango, avocado, rice noodles, and lettuce and served with a minty, limey flavored sauce.  The mint description scared me, but I really ended up liking this part of the meal a lot.  We definitely ordered a lot of food, but I always feel like I need to try so many things when I go to a new gluten free place.  We definitely will be eating at Lilli and Loo again.

This month’s Gluten Free Blog Carnival is live.  Visit GF Gidget and see all of the bloggers featured.  There are some great recipes, product reviews and information featured including my recipes for Gluten Free Mandle Bread and Jelly Cookies.

I am definitely looking forward to the weekend even though it has already begun.  I’m going to be working on a project that my mom, sister and I are working on for my grandma, grocery shopping, cleaning and trying to relax a little before having company for dinner.


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