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Gourmet Un-cooked Dinner

There are some nights that even if it’s easy, cooking is just out of the question.  For nights like these I have a few staples that I turn to.  One of these is the Ceasar’s frozen gluten free vegetable lasagna.  Gluten Free or not, this is one of the best frozen meals I’ve ever eaten in my life.  This meal is very large and has real cheese and vegetables.  This meal takes 7 minutes to cook in the microwave.  It will be very hot when it comes out.  In order to plus up the meal with a few more vegetables, I added a can of mushrooms to the base of the lasagna when I turned it out on my plate.  I know canned vegetables have a lot of sodium, so I just rinse the mushrooms in water to get some of the salt off.  The lasagna is hot enough that you don’t have to heat the mushrooms.  Here’s how the lasagna looks when it’s done.  This dinner was so filling and really delicious.

Let me know what you think about this quick meal.

What are your go to “Un-Cooked” gluten free dinners?


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