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Back in NYC

What a whirlwind weekend we’ve had.  I will spare you the negative details of the weekend which mainly had to do with our air travel.  I love going home and visiting my family.  We spent about equal time with both of my parents, and we saw many old friends and family.  It’s always great to be back in your own element too.  We definitely did a lot of eating on Saturday since we celebrated Rosh Hashonah with my dad for lunch and my mom for dinner…Here are some pictures of the weekend food.





























The above foods included roasted root vegetables, quinoa with sundried tomatoes and peas, and steamed asparagus.  On the full plate of food, my mom made acorn squash, quinoa with sauteed mushrooms and onions, and peach chicken.  As soon as I get the recipe for the peach chicken, I will post it here because it was so delicious.  Not pictured are the flank steak and tzatziki, a really yummy salad, chicken soup, and of course apples and honey for a sweet new year.

Here is the non-gluten free, but very pretty challah…DSC01337







There was also a few birthday celebrations…DSC01398













Lots and lots of chocolate and cool candles.  The cupcake is a gluten free bakehouse cupcake from Whole Foods, and the cake is a flourless chocolate cake from Trader Joes.  Both are really good.  I had never had the Whole Foods cupcake before.  The icing was very sweet and the cake part tasted almost bittersweet…it was a very good combination. 

Here is a family photo with my dad, my grandma, two of my sisters, Mike, and one of my sister’s boyfriends.  It’s so nice being with family.DSC01336






More tomorrow!


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