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Food Labels

Check out this article on walletpop about food labeling issues.  Hungry Girl posted on facebook about this article, and I thought I had to point it out to my blog readers. 

For several reasons this article angers me.  We all know that many companies have nutrition labels that give inaccurate calories or fat content in a particular food.  The article also found that companies are advertising items as sugar free, but when tested, the foods actually do have sugar in them. 

Some companies are taking the findings seriously and making sure that a product is changed to comply with a label.  There are no fines for wrong food labeling and in many cases companies are getting away with this. 

As someone who reads the nutrition label and ingredients on everything that goes into my mouth this is a huge problem.  I try to keep track of calories, and also make sure the food that I eat does not contain wheat or gluten products. 

What do you think about these findings?  Will this change the way you choose the foods you eat?  Let me know your thoughts on the article.


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