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Busy Busy Week

This week has been so busy, and I don’t think it’s going to calm down before the week’s end.  This Friday, Mike and I will be traveling to North Carolina to visit my family for Rosh Hashonah.  Work has gotten very busy and almost every day after work I have something to do. 

I had a few errands to run tonight, and didn’t get off the subway until 8:20.  I was very excited though because I came home, made dinner, and was sitting down to eat by 9:20.  That means I walked home, chopped broccoli, seasoned meat, and filled up a pot of water and was sitting in an hour.

Here are tonight’s quick and easy eats…
























This was thin sliced steak sprinkled with montreal seasoning (very light), garlic powder, crushed red pepper flakes, and italian seasoning.  Then I roasted broccoli with garlic, salt, and pepper.  For a sweetness, I steamed some corn.  This corn was so sweet and good.  I will definitely be upset when the good summer corn is over, but I guess I will move on to more sweet potatoes and winter squash…yum!

One exciting tid bit from my day was that I made another wrap for lunch today, and it didn’t crack.  I think this was the first ever gluten free wrap that I’ve made in the morning, and brought to work for lunch that was still perfectly together and ready to eat without falling apart.  The only thing I did differently was that I heated the wrap for a little longer than I have before, and then I topped it with my toppings once it had cooled.  I’m going to have to keep experimenting with this.

I also remembered a really good snack today.  When I got home, I was starving.  While I was chopping and seasoning, I opened a bag of baby carrots and dipped them in salsa.  I am in love with salsa right now, so this is a snack I’m going to need to remember.  It was so good.  Sorry for no pictures, but I’m sure you can imagine carrots and yummy TJ’s salsa.


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