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Busy Busy Week

This week has been so busy, and I don’t think it’s going to calm down before the week’s end.  This Friday, Mike and I will be traveling to North Carolina to visit my family for Rosh Hashonah.  Work has gotten very busy and almost every day after work I have something to do. 

I had a few errands to run tonight, and didn’t get off the subway until 8:20.  I was very excited though because I came home, made dinner, and was sitting down to eat by 9:20.  That means I walked home, chopped broccoli, seasoned meat, and filled up a pot of water and was sitting in an hour.

Here are tonight’s quick and easy eats…
























This was thin sliced steak sprinkled with montreal seasoning (very light), garlic powder, crushed red pepper flakes, and italian seasoning.  Then I roasted broccoli with garlic, salt, and pepper.  For a sweetness, I steamed some corn.  This corn was so sweet and good.  I will definitely be upset when the good summer corn is over, but I guess I will move on to more sweet potatoes and winter squash…yum!

One exciting tid bit from my day was that I made another wrap for lunch today, and it didn’t crack.  I think this was the first ever gluten free wrap that I’ve made in the morning, and brought to work for lunch that was still perfectly together and ready to eat without falling apart.  The only thing I did differently was that I heated the wrap for a little longer than I have before, and then I topped it with my toppings once it had cooled.  I’m going to have to keep experimenting with this.

I also remembered a really good snack today.  When I got home, I was starving.  While I was chopping and seasoning, I opened a bag of baby carrots and dipped them in salsa.  I am in love with salsa right now, so this is a snack I’m going to need to remember.  It was so good.  Sorry for no pictures, but I’m sure you can imagine carrots and yummy TJ’s salsa.


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Easy Any Night Dinner

There are some nights when I just don’t have the time or energy to really cook dinner. Tonight was one of those nights. I have one really good go-to meal for when I just don’t want to cook or don’t have the time to cook.









This is the Trader Joe’s version of Amy’s Chunky Tomato Bisque.  I really love this soup, and I was never one of those Campbell’s tomato soup fans as a kid.  This soup is just chunky and creamy and wonderful.  It has a very short ingredient list and has less sodium than a lot of other canned soups.  I first learned of the Amy’s version of this soup from HungryGirl’snewsletters.  When I first started shopping at TJ’s, they had this soup and it tastes exactly the same for a much cheaper price unless Amy’s is on sale. 

Anyway, I am a fan of chunkier soups.  Even though this soup does have some chunks, I always want more chunks in my soup.  In order to make it a little more filling and chunky, I added some frozen vegetables.  I really like this blend from TJ’s for its price and quality. 








I also had a drop of a rice blend I had made and added that to the soup.  Here is the final product.








Really yummy and satisfying.

Also, here’s my wrap combo I will probably be making a few times for lunch this week. 








DSC01307This is a gluten free wrap topped with a new kind of sabra hummus.  This is the spicy flavored one…it’s delicious and smooth.  I will continue to say that in my opinion, no other hummus tops this brand.  All of their flavors are great.  I topped the hummus with raw mushrooms and spinach leaves.  Then before I ate the wrap, I sliced about half an avocado and added it to the wrap.  Really yummy.  The spicy hummus went great with the avocado flavor. 





I also have to just say that Patrick Swayze lost a courageous battle with pancreatic cancer today.  I saw Dirty Dancing for the first time when I was really young, and have loved him ever since. 

Now off to watch the news and go to sleep.

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Lots of Veggies

I was feeling a little meat overload.  Not that I have been eating much red meat, but just meat in general and even shrimp yesterday too.  Sometimes I just need a good day of yummy vegetables as my meals. 

I haven’t taken pictures of my lunches everyday since they usually tend to be some type of wrap with sliced vegetables on the side and grapes for dessert.  The thing is that I’ve realized just how great a wrap can be.  Now, since my wraps are gluten free, they tend to not stay together, so it becomes more of a rip, stack, and bite.  I take pieces of the wrap and put a few wrap toppings into it and eat it that way.  I think I actually like this better because it takes me longer to eat my lunch.  The other great thing about wraps is you can put almost anything into them.  Leftovers, sliced meat, whatever you have on hand.  Here’s my wrap for the last couple of days.DSC01244







This wrap contained the following:

  • Lentil and Brown Rice Salad (In the prepared foods section of Trader Joe’s.  This is the first time I’ve purchased it and am really enjoying it)
  • Raw Mushrooms
  • Leftover squash and zucchini
  • Spinach Leaves
  • 1 slice of cheese

This has kept me full and satisfied all week. 

Now moving on to dinner. 








This meal was so good and different from others I’ve recently had except for the roasted okra and asparagus.

Here’s what I did…

  • Spray a pan with olive oil spray
  • Add one small sliced red pepper
  • Then add one container of mini heirloom tomatoes (I’ll be sad to lose these once the warm weather is over)
  • Sprinkle with garlic powder, oregano, and basil
  • Bake for about 20 minutes (or until tomatoes look like they have started to shrivel and wilt) at 450
  • Baked asparagus and okra on another pan with a little salt and pepper
  • Once the asparagus was done I squeezed one half of a lemon on top
  • Served the tomato mixture over sliced fresh mozzarella cheese…so yummy.

I hope you try this and enjoy it.

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